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Ordering Automotive Parts: Complications or Hidden Benefits?!

If you’ve known me for long, you know that I LOVE my truck.

Like, unreasonably.

My dad and I have been spending more and more time together, getting to know one another, and we discovered that we are both particularly fond of the same make/model truck. Go figure, huh? 😉

I’m still planning reconstructive jaw surgery for when my jaw hit the floor when he GAVE me a truck of that very make and model.

I. Love. That. Truck.

It is an ’88, which means, Oh! Joy! it needs work and tweaking and care. I always suspected (and have discovered to be true) that my happy place in deep down inside the grimy workings of an old pickup truck. Bonus? I have a 150 lb. dog that refuses to be far from me while I explore aforementioned workings.

My Happy Place: Dog + Truck

My Happy Place: Dog + Truck

Today, I changed my oil and oil filter for the first time. (I know, total newb. But I HAVE replaced my front brake system and dealt with the fact that my rear tire completely fell off driving down a busy highway- the lug nuts hadn’t been sufficiently tightened and the wheel studs were stripped. The badly bent tie rod was taken care of by someone else because we were moving that week) The oil pan drain plug was stripped and I needed to order a new one. The first time I called our local shop (because I *really* like to keep my business local whenever I can), I was told that a new one would be $7.99 and could be shipped in & available 2 days from now. I told them I’d call back in a few minutes to let them know if I wanted them to go ahead and order it. After conferring with The Mr., I called back and learned that it was only $2 and would be ready to pick up tomorrow morning!

Moral? No clue. Maybe always call back later? Or just know what you’re doing so that you can call someone on it when they quote you  ridiculous price… Yeah, that definitely sounds better 😀

People Don’t Suck

Some days, I am peopled-out and I kind of think “people suck”.

Not really, but I just can’t people anymore.

Today, I am peopled-out because I planned a week full of people. But it’s been really really good. I’ve had good times with good people and really enjoyed myself. I had something pop up and force a cancellation of some people-time, and even though I have used up all of my people-ing (& it’s only Wednesday!), still I am bummed because I just know some good people!

I’ve had calls, texts, comments, and conversations this week that were so comforting, or encouraging, or someone sharing their needs and fears that are so similar to mine, or someone taking the time to give me helpful information… and it makes me wonder how I’ve ever thought that people suck.

People are great! And sometimes it’s that very greatness that exhaust me so thoroughly.

I remember the first time that I came across the phrase “theory of mind” and looked up what it means. I was completely gobsmacked. Totally. That’s just CRAZY!! I went around for the next few days dumping all my newfound information about Theory of Mind at people I knew and finishing off with “You can DO that?!? Just whenever you want?!? It just… HAPPENS?!?”

I’ve had moments of it, they stand out in my memory as startling, blinding flashes of epiphany. It boggles my mind that people walk around like that all day. It’s like having x-ray vision, or like that movie where Mel Gibson can hear thoughts… it’s got to be mind-crushingly overwhelming!

Which brings us back to the exhausted part of knowing so many really great people. Now that I know about Theory of Mind, it’s something that I try to intentionally implement in my interactions with people. (We won’t speculate on my range of successfulness.) I do think that understanding about Theory of Mind has helped me understand why I get peopled-out and makes me realize more that it’s not that “people suck”, it’s that my ability to process people-interactions sucks.

So. Thank you for your patience with my overwhelm, and thank you for trying again to connect with me. 🙂

What I’m Reading (later!)

I feel torn between wondering if I’m terribly conceited and arrogant for thinking anyone cares what I”m reading (isn’t that always the question with blogging?) and wanting to share fun interesting things to read.

I suppose though, that the internet is a free space and that only people who care are reading this, so I’ll toss the worries about arrogance and trust that those who don’t give a rip won’t end up here anyway 🙂

I have about 40 tabs open among several browsers, and I won’t bore anyone (myself included!) with listing them all, but here’s what I’ve got open on this browser tonight. I doubt I’ll get around to reading a bit of it tonight though, as my eyes are crossing while I type this!

Let me know what you think if you read these! 🙂

Random Fact About Me

If I wasn’t up to my eyeballs with being a homeschool mom with 8 kids, I’d be a car mechanic AND a quantum physicist.
And a web designer/developer on the side because coding is just fun.
The Mr. & I have talked about me maybe going to college to learn about physics once the tiniest monkey is far enough along in school to not need me right there beside him all the time. But that’s years and years away.
It’s nice to think about though 🙂

Stopping Traffic (not for young readers) *may trigger filters

This is directly copied from a portion of a newsletter we subscribe to. I am often surprised to find that the issue discussed here is still not well-known, but I continue to meet people that have never heard of it. I thought I’d share this letter, in case any of you haven’t heard.

“Her life used to be good. She was a star in track – leading her team to the regional championships. But that was then. Before Hurricane Katrina hit. Her life has been sad every day since.
Her family was moved to a temporary shelter… so many families crowded in a makeshift trailer park. Some of the people were friendly. One kind man in particular often helped her dad and visited with her family. He brought ice cream. He made them laugh. Read the rest of this entry

Do what you love? Really? Or die to self?

Wow. This post was challenging to me, in a scary sort of way… The way that I’m not sure if I should accept the challenge or run from it…
Do what you love | Simple Mom
So often, I’ve heard/said/thought about self-denial being a virtue in and of itself, and I’ve reveled in the “martyr feeling” of it. (Yes, I know THAT’S wrong…) But I’ve viewed the type of thing described in the link so often as a spiritualized cover for selfishness and the refusal of self-denial that I’m just plain scared of it, even though it seems to make perfect sense and something in me says “Yes!” Maybe that something saying “yes” is the Self I need to die to. Or maybe it’s the me that God created and is waiting to see bloom.
I know that no one can answer these questions for me, that it’s between Him and I. I’m interested in your thoughts though, and your journey. Let me know what you think!

Of blogging, secrets, porn and truth – A Holy Experience

So often, I have a heart full,

a mind full,

things to say,

things to ask,

things to just dump so I can look at them and maybe in the future, figure out what on earth they are and what I should do with them.

But I hesitate.

I’m just not sure.

This post at least shows me that someone else wonders the same things.

Of blogging, secrets, porn and truth – A Holy Experience

I don’t know what conclusion I’ll come to:

whether I’ll begin just typing it all out anyway,

or not,

or even just quit blogging altogether.

I know that some say

“no secrets”


“no shadows”


“walk in the light” (I will be posting more on “walking in the light” soon…)

but there are other things to be considered…

the tightrope between what some say:

“But recently, I’ve realized that it is MY story. MY life.”


and what others have to say about that, here:

Discussing the Telling of Secrets in the comments…

not that all the things I’m hesitating over are the “deep, dark, skeletons-in-the-closet” type things mentioned in the comments there, but just wondering about the line between being transparent and airing dirty laundry. Because the things that happen, do happen to and shape me, but they also involve others who may not desire the transparency and openness in that area…

Just what I’m thinking about lately…

I need to change my schedule

Right now, my time slot for blogging is in the morning. I have it placed so that I can only blog if I get up and do my #HelloMornings on time. It comes after all my "need-tos", and before the children wake up. If I sleep in or am sluggish, or left too much undone the day before, I don't get to blog. It's a good reward/consequences system that motivates me, but I'm discovering a downside to it.
My most inspired moments are at bedtime.
I can't count the times I'll be brushing my teeth or doing my nighttime stretches and be hit with something I want to put here. since I know getting to bed on time is a crucial part of my #HelloMornings, I resist the temptation to fire up my netbook and type it out, thinking, "I'll surely remember this and post it in the morning."
I can remember things overnight, like what I have planned for breakfast, whether we're going somewhere, a rough draft of the chores that need to be done, what we're going to try to accomplish in school, who has soccer practice… But I apparently can't remember the things that seem "really good to blog about."
Perhaps they're not all that good :0)
Be that as it may, it's unpleasant to wake up and know I wanted to write something, but not be able to remember what the something is.
So I think I'll do a little schedule shuffle, and, in an attempt to keep the reward/consequence/motivational aspect of it, I'll move blogtime to bedtime, with the caveat that I still have to be in bed on time. We'll see if that increases or decreases my opportunities to write here. :0)

Note to Self:

When you are all excited to go and accomplish a lot with the new leaf blower your incredible husband bought you for your birthday, plan your course downwind.

Is This Seeing In A Mirror Dimly (1 Corinthians 13:12) ?

(play this song while you read)

“In the image of God, look into that darkness and speak”
Speak beauty.
Speak Joy.
Speak Thankfulness.
Speak Peace.
(you can’t entertain two emotions at once, drive one away with another!)
May I grow this way and walk on what I am beginning to  understand while there is still so much I don’t? Read the rest of this entry