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Interruptions in our own little book club

Starting this short book, at the nudging of The Mr., before I finish Atlas Shrugged. 

This is only the prologue & I’m already intrigued! It’s called The Prince and The Singularity, & it’s free on Kindle if you’re interested. 

Our Own Little Book Club

Finally starting. Again. The Mr. & I started a while back together but I got distracted with some pre-reading I was doing for the kids & lost the flow. Now I’m torn between rushing so that I can catch up to him and going slowly and fully digesting so that we can (eventually) have some good discussions. And ridiculously glad that my life is peaceful enough right now that I can make these kinds of decisions 😊


How Did He Know??

How in the world did he know?

He was at work.
With big things.
Costly things.
Dangerous things. Electricity is a powerful thing, not to be toyed with on the back burner.
He wasn’t here.
He didn’t hear the near incessant wail, from one then the other, of needy little ones,
tired of their Mama being tired.
Empty, needing their (empty) Mama to fill them with what she didn’t have. Read the rest of this entry

Our Anniversary!

Today, 9 years ago, I married the most wonderful man on earth.
This morning, I woke up to the mix on my iPhone playing “our song”.
Again and again I choose to throw my arms open to Dancing in the Minefields.
Again and again Satan throws his flaming arrows, and tries to make me fear the Gift.
Again and again and **yet again** I choose to embrace the Gift.
That’s what the Promise is for.

love, The Happiest Wifey :0)

Here are the lyrics, for those of you (like me) that need to “see” the song: Read the rest of this entry

Liberated Through Submission – ever heard it this way?

Leslie Basham: How can a single woman know if she’s ready for the submission that comes with marriage? Here’s Bunny Wilson.

Bunny Wilson: When you get in the car, check your speed limit. Are you yielding to the government?

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Now you’re getting nosy, Bunny.

Bunny: Single women are some of the fastest drivers I have ever met. I’ve driven with a series of them, so check your speed limit. It helps you to know if you’re in a position to even think about getting married. Read the rest of this entry