Do what you love? Really? Or die to self?

Wow. This post was challenging to me, in a scary sort of way… The way that I’m not sure if I should accept the challenge or run from it…
Do what you love | Simple Mom
So often, I’ve heard/said/thought about self-denial being a virtue in and of itself, and I’ve reveled in the “martyr feeling” of it. (Yes, I know THAT’S wrong…) But I’ve viewed the type of thing described in the link so often as a spiritualized cover for selfishness and the refusal of self-denial that I’m just plain scared of it, even though it seems to make perfect sense and something in me says “Yes!” Maybe that something saying “yes” is the Self I need to die to. Or maybe it’s the me that God created and is waiting to see bloom.
I know that no one can answer these questions for me, that it’s between Him and I. I’m interested in your thoughts though, and your journey. Let me know what you think!

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