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C’mon People Now! (or: siblings cleaning their shared bedrooms)

Ay yi yi.  It’s that time again. Every day, around 4 or 5 o’clock (depending on how the day has gone), I call out “redd up time!”

This is the signal for the children to clean their room as well as their “zone”  for the week. I have divided the house up into seven “zones”, one for each child still living at home. They are responsible for their zone for one week at a time. When I say “redd up”, they need to put away anything that is out of place in that zone,  dust or wipe down or clean certain things that apply to that zone (there is actually a list of instructions posted surreptitiously in each zone), and then vacuum that zone.

This brings next to zero problems. They know the drill quite well, they know the benefits we all reap from having a tidy house, and they know that I will tolerate no nonsense about not doing your job well.

Their bedrooms, however, are, for some reason, a different matter. I think it’s because they consider their bedrooms “their space”, and to an extent, they are correct. I try to give them as much ownership as possible (even if we disagree about what looks good 😉). But I require certain things that we still need daily reminders and practice on. One of the biggest problems we have in the shared work spaces is the division of labor. Who is responsible for what?

At first glance, it seems simple: each of you clean your own things and whatever mess you are responsible for. That leaves the pile of dirt, trash, and odds and ends that no one wants to claim responsibility for. AND the arguments about “yes, that is actually mine, but I’m not the one that got it out/left it out”. If any of you have the answers to this, feel free to let me know! For today, I chose to play this song. LOUDLY.  😝

Bawling and Remembering What’s Important

Yesterday was rough.

I was cranky, the kiddos were still off-kilter from the lack of schedule over Yule and Christmas, the house was a mess…

Last night I was able to “gear down” and plan today and remind myself to respond not react.

This morning was a little bit of a challenge, as I woke up with a very distracting headache, but one of my kids helped me SO much by playing this song for me. It’s one I really like to listen to when I need to remember my priorities; I like to listen in the mornings, or when things get rowdy.

From what I understand, “Ronan” was a little boy who died of cancer and Taylor Swift wrote this song after reading his mom’s blog. I cry every. single. time I hear it, but it’s so good for me. I really cannot imagine going through watching your child die, and I want to see the precious in every minute I get with mine – even the hard ones!

New Song On My “Sanity” Playlist

The Mr. is an audiophile, so we pay for Spotify.

I’m not so much (an audiophile, that is), but it’s nice being able to play whatever song I want when the mood hits or when I have a memory of an old favorite that I want to share with my children. I’m also slowly creating mood-themed playlists when I’m feeling a want for more specific songs than Pandora provides.

One of them is titled “Sanity”, and I play it when I feel depression creeping back up on me. It helps way more than I thought it would! (I’ll share the whole list here if anyone is interested.)

This morning, Glennon from Momastery shared a song that I put on that playlist right away after hearing it. It definitely fits right in there, and reminds me of what I’ve learned and what ground I’ve gained lately.

Here’s the youtube “official video”, so that you can enjoy it too! (I toyed with posting the spotify player here, but it would require you to download the desktop software to play the song, and I didn’t want to do that.)

ps- DANCE!!


What does “Hosanna” mean? Do you cry Hosanna??

Another favorite. So TOTALLY “my song”. I’ll be singing this today, just in case you were wondering :0)

Our Anniversary!

Today, 9 years ago, I married the most wonderful man on earth.
This morning, I woke up to the mix on my iPhone playing “our song”.
Again and again I choose to throw my arms open to Dancing in the Minefields.
Again and again Satan throws his flaming arrows, and tries to make me fear the Gift.
Again and again and **yet again** I choose to embrace the Gift.
That’s what the Promise is for.

love, The Happiest Wifey :0)

Here are the lyrics, for those of you (like me) that need to “see” the song: Read the rest of this entry

Prepare ye the way of the Lord

I was listening to this song this morning on the way to dropping Rena off at band… it’s one I’ve been listening to lately… I don’t listen to music often, maybe a couple of hours a week, since I hit sensory overload fairly quickly; once I do listen to something, I listen to it over and over, wanting to “get it”.
This song is sobering, Read the rest of this entry

Singing with brothers and sisters in our home

If this works, you’ll hear our church group singing a song called “In Jesus”, in Cantonese. We had a visitor from Hong Kong, and he said this is a song his church group sings often. We got a good laugh at the end, as we were singing in both languages together and someone observed “We don’t SOUND like ‘one family’ !!”