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What Will They Remember? and Am I Responsible?

I've heard it both ways:

"They (children, when grown) will remember the good."

"They will remember the bad."

So which is it?
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Being the Oddball Isn’t *Always* Fun

I’m finding out that it’s one thing to know theoretically  that something is a controversial topic, when you are surrounded by either like-minded people or those who are respectful of decisions and opinions differing from their own.
It’s another entirely to find out concretely that it is indeed dear to the heart of someone who has made their career choice based on a position opposite yours, and to find yourself asking that person for assistance. Read the rest of this entry

Are “The Promises” REALLY Promises?

I was thinking over "my will or his will", as I was asked which of these I'm really wanting. The question was a good one for me, I've thought it over before, in different times and circumstances, but not for a long time. 

I had to really check myself for a while. 

I think I can accept his. 

I know there is a Creator, and that he is Good and that he is Truth, and even though I don't know him like I thought I did, I'm good with letting him have control. I don't know best. 

But what I'm NOT good with is being told authoritatively what his will is when people really can't do that. 

I started thinking about when Jesus was here, the Word become Flesh. 

He healed. 

The sick, the lame, the demon possessed, the blind… 

Zoom in on just the blind for a minute. Even just there, in healing the very same malady, he didn't even do it the same way each time. Sometimes he just spoke. Sometimes he touched the person. Sometimes he needed to do it twice. Sometimes he made mud with spit…









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For When You Feel Discouraged…Or Have Answers for Those Who Are

Please, click on over from the link above the video. The video itself is inspiring, but coupled with Kat’s words… Well, she made me cry, and I’m not a cry-er.
I do have some questions though. After I cried, and thought about how I’d either never read those verses with that understanding, or else I’d forgotten that Truth, then I remembered…
I’ve watched someone cry out to God for YEARS.
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