Ordering Automotive Parts: Complications or Hidden Benefits?!

If you’ve known me for long, you know that I LOVE my truck.

Like, unreasonably.

My dad and I have been spending more and more time together, getting to know one another, and we discovered that we are both particularly fond of the same make/model truck. Go figure, huh? 😉

I’m still planning reconstructive jaw surgery for when my jaw hit the floor when he GAVE me a truck of that very make and model.

I. Love. That. Truck.

It is an ’88, which means, Oh! Joy! it needs work and tweaking and care. I always suspected (and have discovered to be true) that my happy place in deep down inside the grimy workings of an old pickup truck. Bonus? I have a 150 lb. dog that refuses to be far from me while I explore aforementioned workings.

My Happy Place: Dog + Truck

My Happy Place: Dog + Truck

Today, I changed my oil and oil filter for the first time. (I know, total newb. But I HAVE replaced my front brake system and dealt with the fact that my rear tire completely fell off driving down a busy highway- the lug nuts hadn’t been sufficiently tightened and the wheel studs were stripped. The badly bent tie rod was taken care of by someone else because we were moving that week) The oil pan drain plug was stripped and I needed to order a new one. The first time I called our local shop (because I *really* like to keep my business local whenever I can), I was told that a new one would be $7.99 and could be shipped in & available 2 days from now. I told them I’d call back in a few minutes to let them know if I wanted them to go ahead and order it. After conferring with The Mr., I called back and learned that it was only $2 and would be ready to pick up tomorrow morning!

Moral? No clue. Maybe always call back later? Or just know what you’re doing so that you can call someone on it when they quote you  ridiculous price… Yeah, that definitely sounds better 😀

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