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C’mon People Now! (or: siblings cleaning their shared bedrooms)

Ay yi yi.  It’s that time again. Every day, around 4 or 5 o’clock (depending on how the day has gone), I call out “redd up time!”

Every day, around four or 5 o’clock (depending on how the day has gone), I call out “redd up time!”

This is the signal for the children to clean their room as well as their “zone”  for the week. I have divided the house up into seven “zones”, one for each child still living at home. They are responsible for their zone for one week at a time. When I say “redd up”, they need to put away anything that is out of place in that zone,  dust or wipe down or clean certain things that apply to that zone (there is actually a list of instructions posted surreptitiously in each zone), and then vacuum that zone.

This brings next to zero problems. They know the drill quite well, they know the benefits we all reap from having a tidy house, and they know that I will tolerate no nonsense about not doing your job well.

Their bedrooms, however, are, for some reason, a different matter. I think it’s because they consider their bedrooms “their space”, and to an extent, they are correct. I try to give them as much ownership as possible (even if we disagree about what looks good 😉). But I require certain things that we still need daily reminders and practice on. One of the biggest problems we have in the shared work spaces is the division of labor. Who is responsible for what?

At first glance, it seems simple: each of you clean your own things and whatever mess you are responsible for. That leaves the pile of dirt, trash, and odds and ends that no one wants to claim responsibility for. AND the arguments about “yes, that is actually mine, but I’m not the one that got it out/left it out”. If any of you have the answers to this, feel free to let me know! For today, I chose to play this song. LOUDLY.  😝

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WHAT is IN here????? #EnglishMastiff #tribe

Essential Oils for Moms (& $50 in oils FREE!)

If you’ve been sort of interested in oils, maybe wanting to try them out, now is an excellent time to do it! There is a special going on until the end of May that can get you up to $50 in free oils!

Summertime fun is ramping up, lots to go and do and lots to see. If you have little ones, that can also mean lots of “owies” on the playgrounds. My kids are too big for me to carry a diaper bag anymore, but I do keep a bag that’s more than a purse with odds and ends in it that I need for the kids. I like to have a comb and extra hair ties, and a box of tictacs as a small reward or distraction when a trip to the grocery store is extra long. One of the things I also keep in there is a bottle of lavender essential oil. It was one of my “gateway oils” and it’s still one of my top 5 favorites because it has SO. MANY. USES. I drip some on cuts and scrapes, on bee stings and mosquito bites, on sunburns, and on the backs of the kids’ necks when they’re tired, grumpy, or overstimulated. You can learn more about lavender here.

Another one I always keep in my bag is peppermint essential oil.  Another powerhouse oil with many uses to a mom and her children. Our chief use for the kids is for carsickness. We have a big, 12-passenger van and the ones in the back get a bit queasy sometimes if the road is extra curvy or if they’re working on “one more chapter before we get there!” Some like the beadlets (it’s a small, biteable capsule with diluted oil inside), others like the Touch bottle (it has a rollerball so they can put some diluted oil behind their ears and on their tummies), and others like to just have a drop of oil on their palms to rub together and inhale (being careful of their eyes!) You can learn more about peppermint here.

When friends ask me what supplies I recommend for new moms, those two oils come on my list way higher than things like strollers, high chairs, or baby swings!

If you’re interested in trying them out, May is the month for you. The most frugal option that will get you the most “bang for your buck” is to purchase one of these kits: A Family Essentials Kit which has SO many great oils in nice, compact, purse/diaper bag sized bottles OR a Home Essentials Kit, which has the same oils in full size bottles AND a diffuser! When you purchase either one of these kits through these links, you automatically receive 50 points in your account (points are roughly 1 point = 1 dollar), which you can use toward your next order of oils! There is no minimum purchase for that next order, you can just get the free oils and that’s it!

I will be more than happy to go through your kit once you receive it (within days- they ship quickly!) and teach you all about those amazing, powerful oils that you’ve go your hands on! You can email me, text me, give me a call, or Skype/Facetime- whatever works best for you 🙂

So Much Free Essential Oil This Month!

In addition to the special offer of getting up to $50 in essential oils FREE, you can also win a free bottle of the oil of the month: Cedarwood essential oil! Get in touch with me to find out how!


May is a great time to buy essential oils!

OK guys, if you’ve been on the fence about trying essential oils or trying to make money selling oils, May is a really great month to dive in. There’s a special going on that can get you around $50 of oils free!
When you buy oils, you can sign up as a wholesale member. It’s just like a Costco or Sam’s Club mecmbership: for a one time sign-up fee ($35) you get 25% off ALL your purchases for a year, PLUS points for every oil you buy that can then be redeemed for free oils.
That’s for always. What makes May special is that if you sign up with an order of 100PV (point value) or more, you automatically get 50 points toward your next purchase! For the majority of the oils, 1 point = $1!
If you think you want to try it out, go to my site, click “shop”, and then shop around! I’ll always be ready to help you or answer any questions you have 🙂

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via Instagram: She named it Snowball. I can’t help but call it The SnugglePuff. She earned the right to have her very own pet by proving herself very responsible in my rabbitry, knowing when chores ought to be done and stepping up to do them without being asked over and over. May Snowball live long and prosper 💚 #tribe

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via Instagram: Toughest Pixie ever!! She says “it kinda hurts a little if you touch it” 😱#tribe

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via Instagram: Caricatures are ALWAYS a great idea when wanting a souvenir of a trip 💚😄 #tribe

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