I am a wife. An extremely happy one, married to the kindest husband on earth who has taught me so much about truth, transparency, and love, and loves me enough to give me the courage to walk in those.

I am a mama. An extremely happy one, with 8 chances to learn how to love and bless and teach and enjoy. 8 chances to be in awe at the intricacy and infinite capacity and intensity that can be packaged into a single soul, and honored to be allowed to watch and guide the unfolding of it all.

I am a homeschool teacher, who has finally found the curriculum that fits our family… this year.

I am a wannabe blogger, with a head full of things I’d like to tap out on my keyboard, learning when (and whether) to make time to do so.

I am a recovering perfectionist, no longer crippled into inactivity by my inability to do it the way it I want to, and hoping to learn how to pursue excellence without being driven , and when to say “good enough IS good enough” after a lifetime of saying “good enough is NEVER enough”. (I’m not sure yet that I really want to learn that…)

I am a Truth-Seeker, finally brave enough to really *seek Truth*, whatever it is, rather than staunchly declare that I possess it and cower in fear behind the declaration.

and, lastly, I have learned that it is best to “warn” people, to (hopefully) minimize their discomfort and maybe to help explain things that seem a bit “off”… I have Aspergers, which is a way of saying “I am Autistic”.

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