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Of Hard Drives and Emotional Responses

Oh Joy. Delight. Rapture.
Not really, but I *am* pleased :0)
My hard drive in my cute little netbook that my sweet, generous husband bought for me has a bad sector, and about a month or so ago I (unhappily) discovered it.  I’ve learned the lesson in the past to be a “backer-upper”, and am usually pretty good about backing things up. I’m even moving toward having *two* backups of everything, in case one of my external drives fails.
But, wouldn’t you know, Read the rest of this entry

Call me a goober, but (fixed, I hope)

This is just COOL!!!!

Copied from the news:

Antimatter, an elusive type of matter that’s rare in the universe, has now been trapped for more than 16 minutes — an eternity in particle physics.

In fact, scientists who’ve been trapping antihydrogen atoms at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva say isolating the exotic particles has become so routine that they expect to soon begin experiments on this rare substance.

Antimatter is like a mirror image of matter. For every matter particle (a hydrogen atom, for example), a matching antimatter particle is thought to exist (in this case, an antihydrogen atom) with the same mass, but the opposite charge. Read the rest of this entry