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What I’m Reading (later!)

I feel torn between wondering if I’m terribly conceited and arrogant for thinking anyone cares what I”m reading (isn’t that always the question with blogging?) and wanting to share fun interesting things to read.

I suppose though, that the internet is a free space and that only people who care are reading this, so I’ll toss the worries about arrogance and trust that those who don’t give a rip won’t end up here anyway 🙂

I have about 40 tabs open among several browsers, and I won’t bore anyone (myself included!) with listing them all, but here’s what I’ve got open on this browser tonight. I doubt I’ll get around to reading a bit of it tonight though, as my eyes are crossing while I type this!

Let me know what you think if you read these! 🙂

Our Own Little Book Club

Finally starting. Again. The Mr. & I started a while back together but I got distracted with some pre-reading I was doing for the kids & lost the flow. Now I’m torn between rushing so that I can catch up to him and going slowly and fully digesting so that we can (eventually) have some good discussions. And ridiculously glad that my life is peaceful enough right now that I can make these kinds of decisions 😊