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via Instagram: My sweet little friend. This is Ralph, aka Mr. Wiggles 💚 🐍 #HeLikesWarmHugs #tribe

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via Instagram: When you’re headed out the door & realize your son has no clean clothes besides pajamas, you hand wash really quickly & become a 70mph clothesline. #KeepinItReal #HonestMama #LargeFamily #tribe

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via Instagram: We got a new bookshelf (thanks, Grampa!). This is what happened after I rearranged books and treasures were rediscovered 💚 📚 #BookWorms #WeRead #Bookaholics #homeschool #CharlotteMason #cm #tribe

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via Instagram: I need this large on my wall. On my mirror. On my journal. In my head. #inspiration #rise #grow #BeStrong

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via Instagram: A little slice of my heaven #TinyFarmBeginnings #Tribe

Poverty, Food Stamps, and iPhones

As someone who was *gifted* an iPhone AND had my monthly bill paid by a generous family member who knew I was receiving Medicaid and food stamps, YES. PLEASE read this and consider your position.

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via Instagram: Well, I’ll just put the few that I’m hoping to finish first here by my bed she said… 🙄😆 #bookworm #CantLiveWithoutBooks

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via Instagram: They are too quick for my camera to get a focus on, but one of the many things I love so much about our home is that I can stand out here and have quite a few bats swooping within feet of me. I just love bats and I am so glad that they make their home here with me. #Tribe #Bats #TinyFarmBeginnings

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via Instagram: I’m “sew” excited! I’m adding a new section to my website this week- SEWING CLASSES! They are not quite ready for sign up yet, but I am hoping for everything to be set and ready to roll by this weekend! Link in profile. #SewingLessons #SewingClass #LearnToSew #MomPreneur

It’s Not as Bad as it Seems (alternate title: yes, I am a wee bit dramatic)

As much as I loathe & despise the circus that passes for administration of our government lately, and no matter our opinion on this type of hunting (if it angers you, it IS worth researching that what, why, & how of it all, and to keep in mind that we must do the best we can with the mess we’re given),  it is worth it to look further than the headline and dig down far enough to look for what actually happened.

When I first saw the pictures and headlines (they were not from TMZ!- I have standards! 😂), I was sickened, I was saddened, I was disgusted, I was angry. I wanted to say “what do you expect with a last name like that?”

But I waited, I looked further. I’m glad I did. I still have opinions; on the “administration”, and on hunting ethics. But  I am reminded that things are not always quite as bad as they look.   And from that I am reminded that:

in the entirety of our lives, things are not always as bad as they look.

When I get a terse text response from my husband, things are not always as bad as they look. He is not angry with me; or disgusted with me; or wishing he hadn’t married me; or wishing I had never been born; he is very busy working hard to take care of me and my children and he doesn’t have time for a long flowery text!

When I realized that I scheduled a grocery pick up smack dab in the middle of my daughters photography class, things are not always as bad as they look. I am not going to be banned from ordering groceries online for pick up; I am not going to be excommunicated from the cult of Walmart; I am not going to have to skip the photography class and waste tuition money;  I can just reschedule my grocery pick up and wait a day or two for the bank to sort out which charges need to be refunded.

When I realize that I have completely lost the intentionality I used to possess in my ventures and have become lazy and I am allowing myself to be driven rather than taking control, things are not always as bad as they look.   Yes, I became lazy. But I have not ruined the rest of my life and the rest of my children’s lives; things are not so hopelessly messed up that there can be no recovery;  it is not time to give up in despair; I can start where I am, realize that just as I got into this mess gradually, I will have to take time and baby steps to get out of this mess  gradually;  I can start here, start now, and keep moving forward.

So I think my lesson to myself today is that I can always learn something from any given situation, no matter what my opinion of the characters in the situation is. I can always find ways to learn more, grow more, be better.  Maybe someday I will grow to be able to love those I despise.

(I see the arrogance and the ugliness within me that is at the root of me thinking I can despise anyone. I am not wallowing in that, or gloating in that, or thinking that it is right and good. I am confessing it honestly, and truly hoping I will grow beyond it.)