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New Song On My “Sanity” Playlist

The Mr. is an audiophile, so we pay for Spotify.

I’m not so much (an audiophile, that is), but it’s nice being able to play whatever song I want when the mood hits or when I have a memory of an old favorite that I want to share with my children. I’m also slowly creating mood-themed playlists when I’m feeling a want for more specific songs than Pandora provides.

One of them is titled “Sanity”, and I play it when I feel depression creeping back up on me. It helps way more than I thought it would! (I’ll share the whole list here if anyone is interested.)

This morning, Glennon from Momastery shared a song that I put on that playlist right away after hearing it. It definitely fits right in there, and reminds me of what I’ve learned and what ground I’ve gained lately.

Here’s the youtube “official video”, so that you can enjoy it too! (I toyed with posting the spotify player here, but it would require you to download the desktop software to play the song, and I didn’t want to do that.)

ps- DANCE!!


Of blogging, secrets, porn and truth – A Holy Experience

So often, I have a heart full,

a mind full,

things to say,

things to ask,

things to just dump so I can look at them and maybe in the future, figure out what on earth they are and what I should do with them.

But I hesitate.

I’m just not sure.

This post at least shows me that someone else wonders the same things.

Of blogging, secrets, porn and truth – A Holy Experience

I don’t know what conclusion I’ll come to:

whether I’ll begin just typing it all out anyway,

or not,

or even just quit blogging altogether.

I know that some say

“no secrets”


“no shadows”


“walk in the light” (I will be posting more on “walking in the light” soon…)

but there are other things to be considered…

the tightrope between what some say:

“But recently, I’ve realized that it is MY story. MY life.”


and what others have to say about that, here:

Discussing the Telling of Secrets in the comments…

not that all the things I’m hesitating over are the “deep, dark, skeletons-in-the-closet” type things mentioned in the comments there, but just wondering about the line between being transparent and airing dirty laundry. Because the things that happen, do happen to and shape me, but they also involve others who may not desire the transparency and openness in that area…

Just what I’m thinking about lately…

Is This Seeing In A Mirror Dimly (1 Corinthians 13:12) ?

(play this song while you read)

“In the image of God, look into that darkness and speak”
Speak beauty.
Speak Joy.
Speak Thankfulness.
Speak Peace.
(you can’t entertain two emotions at once, drive one away with another!)
May I grow this way and walk on what I am beginning to  understand while there is still so much I don’t? Read the rest of this entry

Of Hard Drives and Emotional Responses

Oh Joy. Delight. Rapture.
Not really, but I *am* pleased :0)
My hard drive in my cute little netbook that my sweet, generous husband bought for me has a bad sector, and about a month or so ago I (unhappily) discovered it.  I’ve learned the lesson in the past to be a “backer-upper”, and am usually pretty good about backing things up. I’m even moving toward having *two* backups of everything, in case one of my external drives fails.
But, wouldn’t you know, Read the rest of this entry

Faith Crisis/Shakedown/Chaff Winnowing…

The last several months I’ve been going through one of the above. You can choose which you like to call it. I have my preferences, and they aren’t for the first one, but I no longer enjoy getting caught up in semantics.
I’m still a word nerd, and vocabulary is always fun for me, the more sesquipedalian, the better. But arguing a point over choice of words, when, like it or not, definitions ARE fluid and given to personal inflection, is just wasteful quibbling.
I’ve had several “shakedowns” (my personal choice) over the years I’ve known Jesus. The first few felt devastating to me, like I was committing some sort of betrayal, or declaring him untrustworthy. I now know that some (not all) of that was because I had espoused a culture and a system rather than *him*, and that was something that needed to be winnowed away. Read the rest of this entry

Slowing Down, Choosing to See and Embrace the Moments

This morning I wake and get to choose again:
will I wake to the rush and the long long list of things I should get done, and will I listen to the ticking of the clock that whispers “hurry, hurry, so much to do, you’re getting behind…”
or will I wake to the chance to:
listen to my children’s hearts when they start their words with “Mama,”
hear the words of life as they dance before my eyes on the page that I am so privileged to own, and let them mold me
speak words of “I cherish you” instead of “this toilet needs scrubbing more than you need listening to”
ponder this gift called Life and all the rich depth it contains, which becomes emptier yet heavier when we aren’t looking into what it *really* is underneath all the dust that is layered on it by the daily bustle of carrying it around? Read the rest of this entry

Still chewing on Abram… & being humbled

Told you I’m embarrassed about going so slow! But I’m getting more out of it for all this chewing time, that I am :0)
This morning I had a lot of “Ooo! Ooo!” moments (you know the sound- when you’re in 2nd grade or so and the teacher asks a question you know the answer to and it’s all you can do to keep your bottom connected to your seat while you wave your hand wildly in the air… Yeah, *that* sound!) Read the rest of this entry

Troubled by Abram this morning…

I’m s-l-o-w-l-y reading chronologically through the Bible these days. I thought of tweetng or blogging a thumbnail of what I’ve read, but my pride kind of keeps me from it. (I know, ugh!) I don’t want to advertise just how slowly… but I’m getting over that as the slowness is giving me opportunity to absorb and chew on what I’m reading more than I would if I followed the one-year schedule laid out for me by the plan. Read the rest of this entry