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This is the way we defrost our freezer… So early in the morning!


Yes, mundane and non-thought-provoking, I know. However, I had no clue how to do this for years. I thought maybe someone else was in that predicament too, so I figured I would share how I get the job done. The ice buildup had jammed the fan and our refrigerator suddenly became intolerably loud. So I rigged up this handy-dandy little setup, and within about 10 min. our refrigerator was frost-free and humming quietly. To offer some explanation to the picture, that’s a hair dryer, propped by a box of baking soda, and a folded towel in the bottom of the freezer to catch all the melted ice. I turned the hair dryer on high and had myself a nice little cup of coffee while I waited. When I came back all the ice was melted and the towel was wet , so I used it to wipe down the inside of the freezer. And voilà !: Mission accomplished. :0)

What’s the Best Way to Get the Yard Raked?

Well, I’ve discovered one way that works around here…

I divided our (large) yard into non-intimidating sections, assigned one section for the day, and offered to burn what got raked up if the whole section got finished.

Then I reminded everyone that we have marshmallows. Read the rest of this entry

Slowing Down, Choosing to See and Embrace the Moments

This morning I wake and get to choose again:
will I wake to the rush and the long long list of things I should get done, and will I listen to the ticking of the clock that whispers “hurry, hurry, so much to do, you’re getting behind…”
or will I wake to the chance to:
listen to my children’s hearts when they start their words with “Mama,”
hear the words of life as they dance before my eyes on the page that I am so privileged to own, and let them mold me
speak words of “I cherish you” instead of “this toilet needs scrubbing more than you need listening to”
ponder this gift called Life and all the rich depth it contains, which becomes emptier yet heavier when we aren’t looking into what it *really* is underneath all the dust that is layered on it by the daily bustle of carrying it around? Read the rest of this entry