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via Instagram: Very little to look at, I’m well aware. But this picture is something that I have been dreaming of for over three years now. And something that my children banded together and brought to fruition without any request from me. When we first looked at the house where we now live, there’s this special little spot in the backyard that is the perfect for cosying around a fire. There’s an archway covered in ivy, leading into an island surrounded by liriope with concrete benches and a bench swing. Before I’d even gone into the house, I pictured our family around a fire there.
When my oldest daughter (@rena.bena.ding.dong) got married last fall, we got one step closer as my younger kids worked together and filled the island with mulch before the wedding (in our backyard). I laid a brick fire pit but it was just for looks/to hold space. With time passing and 7 other kids on the property, it didn’t survive. Today, two of my youngest decided to rebuild it, because they knew how much I loved the idea of a fire pit in that spot. They even gathered kindling and wood and laid a great fire. So tonight, we came here and roasted hot dogs and laughed and did the things you do around a fire and I’m so ridiculously happy and grateful for the amazing people that I get to call my children. #tribe #parenthood #parenting #boymom #girlmom #teenmom #momofmany #largefamilylife #fire #campfire #parenthood_moments #parentgoals

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