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via Instagram: Oh gosh! “Goo Phase”! That’s PERFECT! I’ve searched for a way to express this idea before and “Goo Phase” is exactly it. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Posted @withrepost • @alsomelissa Awhile ago, my friend Mathew said to me: So in terms of caterpillar stages, right now you are in the GOO PHASE. (He was right.)⁣

I mean, YEAH. Sometimes you have to break it all down to build anything back up. ⁣

(The thing to remember, when you’re in Goo Phase, is that it’s not the end of the story. It’s just part of the process.)⁣

That’s how it works sometimes. Level the ruins, sift through the rubble—and then discover that something else was always inside you, waiting to emerge.⁣

I didn’t have to force it or rush it or power through, because THAT IS NOT HOW GOO PHASE WORKS. I had to sit with it, and I had to let the old thing go, and I had to wait and see what I was becoming. ⁣

And I had to do the work. Goo phase is a hell of a lot of emotional work. It’s the work of creating a new thing, and the new thing is you. ⁣

You can do that, because what other choice does the caterpillar have? The only way through is through. You go into the dark and you wait. You create a tiny opening for yourself. And then you find your way back into the light, hunched and fragile, and wait while new life flows into your wings to make them strong. ⁣

And then—you fly.

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