Stop, Drop, & Blog on January 30, 2017 at 07:07PM

So… testing a new app and making an embarrassing confession all in one…
The app is part of my interest in being less of a perfectionist and more accepting of real life by posting on the fly. Because I have SO. MANY. DRAFTS. that I probably won’t publish because they are so old, but I was tweaking and fine tuning and waiting for the moment and… yada yada yada…
So, with the app, I make a rough post that is probably more like a tweet or Facebook update and it posts what I write to my blog. It will probably take a few tries to make it do what I want it to, but that’s part of the whole idea.
Show the messy.
Show the learning curve.
Because I am so encouraged when I see that others have a learning curve.

The confession is that the panic attack that has been brewing for the last few hours came to a head with me on the floor gasping for breath in the middle of cooking supper for my family. And I am SO. PROUD. of my family.
(Yep,I did the all caps/period with every word thing twice in one post. Because this is unedited, on-the-fly posting and I think that way)
They checked in with me, made sure I was “ok”, and then gave me the one thing I needed more than anything else:
the gift of invisibility.
They carried on with supper prep and pretended I wasn’t there.
As a result, I recovered quickly and am SO proud of my family and SO grateful for their love.


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