How Do You Do It?!?

The night before the last day of camp has me exhaustedly muttering to myself “we’ll never do this again”. I get to this point every year. Then we do it again next year. It’s worth it- the kids have so much fun. But oh my goodness I am so utterly and completely exhausted and worn out and used up.
People say to me “I don’t know how you do it” when they find out I homeschool or that I have 8 children. But my hat is off AND I bow deeply to the moms who live my week all year long- those of you who get your kids up and decent and ready and fed and packed and shipped offon time every single morning, and then pick them up and listen to their day and unpack their lunch and get them clean and presentable for the next day AND have them do their chores AND somehow squeeze in quality time… And I can’t even ponder the homework… and the cooking… and the housework…
You guys are amazing. And I am completely wrung out. 


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