This Morning’s Encouragement

Sometimes I really really get worried about the future and feel a huge amount of guilt for even bringing children into the world they will inherit from us. 




I’m not even going to try to touch on the heartbreaking things going on just this week, they’re just too big for me to touch, thumb typing on my phone on my couch with a child snuggled up tight. 

But then something comes along and chucks me on the chin and reminds me that things don’t necessarily have to devolve, entropy isn’t a law that reigns supreme, and overcomers are not unheard of. 

I am reminded of the fantastic energy and idealism of young adults who are mature enough to recognize the problems in the world and have the drive and the fire to fight them. My oldest daughter and her friends regularly encourage me and remind me of that, and I fall in love with teens and young adults all over again. I have 7 more teenagers coming along and rather than dread “the teen years”, I am looking forward to the vitality and enthusiasm they will fill our home with, and to being caught up in the wave and being reenergized by them. 

I happened to start this train of thought this morning after seeing this clip of this video of Matt Damon giving and commencement speech at MIT. I’m rather of fond of reading or watching commencement addresses, and I can recommend it when you have just lost your pep and need a boost 🙂

Matt Damon MIT Commencement Speech (clip)

Update: right after I posted this, my 13 year old son wanted to share this video with me ❤

Our Greatest Delusion


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