Red Fish Soup!! (no- it’s not a cooking post)

Have I told you about one of my very favorite sites for my children? It’s the site I use to introduce my children to the computer and let them make the connection between moving the mouse with their hands and things happening on the screen.

I usually start them on this site when they’re about two, but my 13 year old still fools around on it when he’s bored. It’s a gorgeous site, all interactive and simple, and completely safe for your kids to explore. You can put it in fullscreen mode to keep them from clicking off to other sites, or you can use the kid’s browser I’ll mention later this week to keep them locked into a safe “sandbox” away from anything you haven’t expressly allowed.

Red Fish Soup used to be free, for the last few years it’s had a yearly subscription model that I feel is totally worth it. The creators are in France, so the price fluctuates with the worth of the American dollar there, but it’s been between $16 – $20 for me per year.

There are a few areas of the site available for free, and there is a free trial membership so that you don’t have to pay without knowing what you’re getting. I definitely recommend it if you’ve got children between 2 – 10 that you want to have a safe spot on the web for.


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