Right Now:

via Instagram: We waited for the New Moon to celebrate #Imbolc. We burned the Yule Wreath (foof!!) and then thought about our goals for the year and what character “seeds” we want to plant within ourselves during this wakening season of beginnings. Then we lit our Imbolc candles and stuck them in the ground and watched the flame of light and heat get closer and closer to the Earth while we talked about all the ways in Nature that is happening all around us: the Sun “returning” to the Earth as the days get longer, roots stirring underground, sap beginning to flow in trees, mammals beginning to produce milk, and birds beginning to hunt nesting materials. We talked and planned how we can prepare ourselves for growth this coming year, and how our lives can be a reflection of Nature all around us and we can celebrate the flow of the cycle of the year and rejoice in each season as it comes. #HappyImbolc! 💚

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