I’ve always been an avid, drooling bibliophile. Thankfully, my children either inherited the gene or succumbed to the inevitable contagion. 😉   
Yesterday I scored all these treasures at a secondhand shop (in addition to finding some really groovy bamboo yarn to make myself either a hat or scarf with as we read), and they were almost as excited as I was. They all gathered around as I pulled book after book out of the shopping bag and handed them to the child I guessed might want to be the first to read them. There were small squeals of delight and then no sound but the turning of pages and quiet voices reading to the baby. It was so fun! 

I read the Inkspell series recently. They didn’t make it onto my list of favorite books, but there were a few golden nuggets that stuck with me. One was when the father explained to his daughter why you should take a new book along to every trip or memorable experience in your life. You store those memories in between the pages. Thereafter, each time you read that book, you will be transported through space and time and relive that experience. I always knew that to be true, but never quite put it into words. It fully explains the secret delight I feel anytime I see one of my children curled up with a book.
Bonus: quite a few of these are their assigned schoolwork!  

Also- should I make a hat or a scarf with that yarn??

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  1. Wow! That is an incredible find.

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