Whole Lotta Giggles Going On!

Not sure if the giggles are from being up so late, sugar overdose, or just the happiness of having a sister to decorate birthday cake with ❤


This picture makes me happy for reasons other than the obvious. Once upon a time I would have NEVER shown you that picture. I had very clear, specific ideas of how a birthday cake ought to look; and I spent MUCH time, and MUCH stress and worry trying my best to make it look so. Of course, I always failed, miserably. And that was years before Pinterest was even invented!
But eventually I learned that my kids absolutely did not care. It all tasted the same, and all they really wanted was to mix up a cake with mama in the kitchen, and spread some icing around with mama, and stick some candies on with mama, and just generally have a good time and make some sweet memories. So that’s what we do now. The birthday child and I sequester ourselves in the kitchen and concoct a sugary masterpiece, and make a mess, and laugh. Sometimes, like tonight, a sibling gets invited along, and that just triples the sweetness in the kitchen- literally as well as figuratively!

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