For When You Feel Discouraged…Or Have Answers for Those Who Are

Please, click on over from the link above the video. The video itself is inspiring, but coupled with Kat’s words… Well, she made me cry, and I’m not a cry-er.
I do have some questions though. After I cried, and thought about how I’d either never read those verses with that understanding, or else I’d forgotten that Truth, then I remembered…
I’ve watched someone cry out to God for YEARS.
They haven’t resisted the chastening of the Lord.
They’ve submitted to every conviction that has come.
They’ve denied their flesh for the sake of seeking holiness.
They’ve given sacrificially over and over again to those in need.
Now, I AM NOT saying that God somehow “owes” this person anything, or that they have somehow “earned” any rights or privileges. I know better than that, and I know that the very best among us is still deserving of the wages of death.
But WHAT then do I do with verses like these?
What do I tell this person when they read these verses and wonder and question and begin to doubt and finally walk away from it all?
Honestly, I’m questioning and doubting and packing my bags for a walk too.
And the worst has been to ask “believers”, and to hear “you’ve just gotta have faith!” and “you’ve got to believe!” and “you just need to pray more!”
So, yes, I’m asking you for your input, for your opinion.
*IF* your answer tends toward those lines, DON’T post it. I’ve heard enough of it.
I apologize if that seems abrasive, harsh, or bitter. I believe I’m actually through the “bitter phase” and out the other side, and the “enough of it” statement is just simply a statement of fact.

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  1. Hola fePeindo,rrecasamnnte acabo de rootear e instalarle una ROM a mi telefono. Dame unos dias para checar el rendimiento y los servicios de Iusacell para responder a tu pregunta porfavor. Igual y hasta me animo a escribir un artículo al respecto 😉

  2. Claudia has a great home. It really reflects her personality.Thank you for sharing. I have just seen snippets of her home and it was fun to see bigger pictures of the rooms.

  3. What a lovely blog post – welcome to ABBA! I'm with you, I feel curiously optimistic about the way forwards, even though I know things are not all rosy in the garden right now. For one thing, authors themselves are being positive, proactive and stubbornly upbeat. You can't fight that energy!

  4. This is probably weird, but my last meal would probably be a grilled cheese with like three different kinds of cheese (don't care which kinds) on any kind of bread. I do not have very refined tastes. lol.

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